At Bond Family & Implant Dentistry in Longmont, we understand that needing to have a tooth removed can be stressful, especially if you have never had a tooth removed before. You may be feeling anxious or nervous about the procedure, not knowing what to expect.

Our staff is attuned to your specific needs and will walk you through the process until your nerves are calmed. Dr. Bond has gone through extensive extra training in oral surgery techniques so that he can be confident with his ability to make you feel comfortable and to make your tooth extraction appointment more tolerable.

There are many people in Longmont who have needed a tooth removed, so don’t feel alone. We know that sometimes it is the best option for the circumstances. Before we commit to that decision, we will calm your fears and clarify your understanding of the situation.

We will review ALL of your options and make other recommendations based on your personal preference and desires. We try to look at your mouth as a whole in order to see possible effects of losing a tooth before the tooth is taken out.

Keeping Extractions Comfortable

For those who have developed dental fears from past treatments, consider that our goal is to “cater to cowards” who are looking for a new type of dentistry, where they can feel relaxed and at ease with the procedures being performed. In order to facilitate this, we have Nitrous Oxide gas dispensers in every single room, including the hygienists’ rooms. We feel confident that even those people with the worst dental fears can be brought to a point where they leave our office thinking, “Wow, that was easy!”

For your tooth extraction appointment, we will make sure that all signs of active infection, if present, are subdued before we get started, whenever possible. In doing this, we provide the healthiest area to work on, which in turn ensures that the dental anesthetic will work like it is supposed to. Sometimes this is achieved with antibiotics if there has been severe pain or swelling associated with the tooth.

When a tooth that has had previous root canal treatment needs to be extracted, there is an increased risk of the tooth breaking during the procedure. If we think that this is a possibility, we will avoid unpleasant surprises by warning the patient of the likelihood of that happening before we get started and taking extra steps to prevent it. Oftentimes these teeth need to be sectioned into smaller pieces, making the procedure more tolerable for the patient.

Bone Grafting and More

If a dental implant is going to replace the tooth in the future, a bone graft and membrane will likely be placed in the hole where the tooth was taken out in order to preserve precious bone and provide the ideal site for implant placement. This adds only minutes to the total procedure time and helps maintain bone width and height, two crucial elements to a successful dental implant.

Call us today to see how we can help you through your tooth extraction!