This year, Dr. Bond and our Longmont Dental Practice have invested thousands of dollars into new technologies that will allow us to improve the care that we provide our patients. The face of dentistry is ever changing, and we pride ourselves in staying current with new ways to do better dentistry.

Going Digital

Our office has been using digital schedule management and patient account management for years, but only recently have we updated our software to allow us to connect instantly online to get insurance coverage information.

Often we are able to quickly figure out what your insurance is covering and how much of your insurance benefit remains. This update also allows us to send your insurance claims electronically and securely over the Internet, direct to your insurance companies, which decreases their response time and keeps your account current.

Digital Radiology a.k.a. X-rays

Earlier this year we installed brand new computers and monitors into every operatory in our practice. Along with our network of computers, we invested in digital x-ray technology. Now instead of using sharp, oversized traditional x-ray films, we have a comfortable digital sensor that instantly transmits your x-ray image into the computer, viewable on the monitor for review with Dr. Bond.

Our patients have been loving this recent addition, and it makes it easier for us to point out possible areas of concern on the x-ray on a large monitor, which helps to increase patient understanding.

New Types of Treatment

We understand that patients prefer to have all of their dental work done in one place. Some dentists refer patients out to other offices for all root canals, implants, oral surgery, or other procedures. Dr. Bond has experience and additional training in performing intricate procedures such as tooth extractions, root canals, and dental implant placement and restoration. While there are sometimes situations where unique circumstances will call for a patient to need to have care provided by an oral surgeon or an endodontist, we aim to provide all aspects of dentistry.

We have the newest root canal equipment available that speeds up treatment time and has been giving us excellent results. We utilize a gentle dental laser for gum procedures that lowers healing time and decreases patient discomfort. Our dental implant system utilizes unique implant technology that shortens healing time and in some cases allows us to restore teeth in one day. Our intra-oral camera is small enough to maneuver in your mouth and take pictures of your back teeth for those times when a visual image will help us educate with images instantly transmitted to the computer monitor.

These technological upgrades, along with an extensive remodel done in September 2013, are helping our office stay current and up to date in the care we provide.

Come see for yourself what a comfortable and calming dental visit feels like! Call us today!