As a Longmont Emergency Care Dentist, Dr. Bond leaves time open in his schedule each day to accommodate new or existing patients who have a need for urgent dental care. When you call our office seeking emergency care, we will quickly be able to determine what type of dental emergency you are experiencing and how we can help.

We will always make time for same-day consultation and/or dental treatment for any person who has a noticeably broken tooth, pain, or swelling.


When you experience dental pain, it can be incapacitating and will most often demand your attention until relief is given. Dental pain can develop in the healthiest of people, and rarely does it come at a convenient time. Most dental pain originates when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected. This will create a throbbing tooth ache that often gets worse at night or when lying down.

Fortunately, we are able to relieve your symptoms and often can provide same-day treatment. Our goal is to get you back to health and reduce your dental pain quickly so you can carry on without the distraction of a tooth ache.

Extreme dental pain is the most common reason for a person needing a Root Canal. If this is necessary, we are pleased to offer this to our patients without having to refer them out to another office, given there are no complicating factors.


Swelling of gums or cheeks is a sign of an active dental infection. If you have swelling related to a tooth or other area of mouth, emergency attention is required. When dental swelling is present, antibiotics are most often the first step to reduce the swelling and address any associated pain.

Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can happen at any time. Factors that contribute to breaking teeth are:

  • Grinding a.k.a. Bruxism
  • Large silver fillings
  • Hard chewing habits

Oftentimes we are able to fix broken teeth with either a temporary, sedative filling that helps the tooth become less sensitive, or if time permits, we will provide a permanent replacement filling on the same day.

Sometimes, if a tooth has broken enough of its natural tooth structure away, a Dental Crown is needed to avoid future breaking of the tooth and to restore a broken tooth back to function so it can be used to chew again.

If your tooth is broken off and is visible enough to affect the way you smile, don’t worry! There are ways we can help you get to smiling again.

If you are experiencing dental pain, call us today at 303-772-8020.