A time-tested way to replace teeth.

A dental bridge is an excellent way to replace missing teeth and restore function. This is often a great restoration for a patient who does not have enough quality bone for a dental implant. A dental bridge can be used in the following situations:

  • Replacing a broken tooth
  • Replacing a tooth with very poor bone support
  • Replacing an infected tooth
  • Restoring a smile or correct anterior teeth positioning
  • Replacing a previous bridge

Dental bridges are easy to understand. Imagine having lost a tooth and having two healthy teeth remaining on either side of the space. In order to replace the missing tooth with the bridge, the two remaining teeth on either side of the space must be modified. The reason for this is that the bridge will rest on the two remaining teeth, exactly the same way a dental crown does.

When preparing your teeth for a dental bridge, Dr. Bond will shape the two remaining teeth in a way that provides our dental lab enough space to make a permanently strong and stable bridge. The final bridge consists of three natural looking artificial teeth attached together, and this is what rests on the two teeth on either side of the space.

How many appointments are necessary before the bridge is finished?

The process of creating a dental bridge for you is usually finished within two weeks with two appointments. In the first appointment, Dr. Bond will shape your remaining teeth that will be supporting the bridge, take an impression of them, and fabricate a temporary bridge for you to wear in the interim period. Dr. Bond utilizes a unique temporary cement that desensitizes your teeth and helps keep the temporary bridge in place so you don’t have to worry about it coming out before your next appointment.

The impression taken is what is sent to the dental lab, where CAD/CAM technology is utilized to create a digital model of your teeth. Skilled lab technicians then use computer programs to design the perfect bridge for your mouth. This is the time-intensive part of the process. Once completed, the bridge is sent back to us.

During the second appointment, thanks to the special cement used, we do not have to numb your teeth again. Instead, we gently remove the temporary bridge and try in the newly made permanent bridge. If the fit is perfect, we cement it in permanently and balance your bite as needed.

Our bridges are as realistic looking as your natural teeth. We almost exclusively request the dental lab to fabricate your bridge from a tooth-colored Zirconia material that eliminates any silver or gray appearance some older bridges might exhibit. This ensures a natural-looking restoration that you’ll love.

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