Kids are welcome at Bond Family & Implant Dentistry in Longmont, CO! We love seeing families come in together and watching their kids grow up. We have several adults who have been coming to our office since they were little kids themselves.

We are compassionate toward busy moms who have several kids and a loaded schedule. We have two hygienists working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which allows us to provide family scheduling, where we see more than one child at a time and maximize your time when you come visit us.

To help appease and entertain other children while they are waiting, we have a Kindle Fire tablet with Kindle Freetime, which is a program that gives kids access to all of the games offered on the Kindle. We also have an iPod Touch with access to the Apple App Store, loaded with music and popular games that kids love.

Should My Child Visit a Specialty Pediatric Dental Office?

A pediatric dentist is considered a “specialty” dentist because they receive additional training after graduating from dental school. Their training gives them the experience needed to treat children who have exceptional dental needs. If your child is especially anxious or unwilling to have dental treatment performed on them and they have cavities that need to be filled, a pediatric dental office might be best for them.

Dr. Bond works with kids of all maturity levels. We always try to complete treatment on our patients no matter what their age happens to be. The vast majority of the children we see handle treatment great, and we only refer children to a pediatric dentist’s office for extraordinary circumstances.

In most cases, a general dentist office like ours can be more than accommodating to your children’s needs.

At What Age Should My Child First Start Seeing the Dentist?

Good oral health habits are established early on, and usually we recommend doing a brief cleaning appointment starting at the age of three.

During these appointments, we take about twenty minutes to do a cleaning with a soft rubber brushing cup, and Dr. Bond takes a few minutes to help your child become acquainted with the dental office setting. He will look in your child’s mouth and give important oral health instruction so that your child knows the importance of brushing their teeth early on.

These first visits are so important because they truly set the stage for your child’s dental care during a lifetime. Dental fears and anxieties are common, and we want to be a part of the solution. When your child grows up knowing that the dental office is a safe and welcoming place to be, that will allow for much better dental health throughout his or her life.

Call to Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment

We can’t wait to meet your child and become a part of your family’s health care team. Give us a call if you have any questions about children’s dental care or to schedule your child’s appointment.