Many of our patients have busy schedules, making it difficult to plan an appointment for dental hygiene too far in advance. We have a potential solution that makes sense for you and our practice.

From time to time we get last minute cancellations anywhere from an hour to a day before the scheduled time. So, here is our offer: using the Contact Us box at the bottom of our web page, give us your email address and permission to add you to our ‘last minute fill-in’ list.

Whenever we get an opening, we will email everyone on the list to contact us if they are interested in taking the appointment time. There is no obligation. The first person to respond will be accepted.

The good news is that you have a choice if it works for your schedule.

The REALLY good news is that you will receive a 25% discount for taking a short notice hygiene cancellation appointment. And you can use this discount as many times as you like.