Tooth Loss – it affects more than Your Smile

If you have ever lost a tooth, you probably know firsthand that it affects your emotional as well as your physical health. Tooth loss is embarrassing and causes you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. However, you probably know that it goes deeper than that. Many studies show that patients who experience tooth loss actually experience depression.

Because of the social stigma of missing teeth, people may unfairly judge you, think you don’t take care of yourself, or assume that you are unhealthy. You might feel like losing a tooth means you failed at taking care of yourself. While you can prevent most tooth loss with proper oral hygiene habits and professional dental cleanings, some tooth loss occurs due to trauma or heredity and is not your fault.

We completely understand how you must feel. That is why we will do our best to provide you with timely and effective options for tooth replacement. We know that walking around with a gap in your smile is not acceptable and will provide temporary solutions if you decide on treatment that takes longer to complete, such as dental implants.

Whether you decide on restorations like a dental bridge, or dental implants, we can help you determine the one that works for your health, lifestyle, and budget.

From your extraction to your final treatment, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that we do everything to restore your smile and protect your remaining teeth so that you can avoid tooth loss in the future. We can help you stay focused on the solution so you will feel excited about your smile again.

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