Does Technology Really Improve the Patient Experience?

Sometimes it feels like technology comes between people. We text each other instead of calling and videoconference instead of meeting in person. It is easy to see how technology sometimes sabotages our best intentions of staying connected. However, we believe at Bond Family & Implant Dentistry that we can strike a balance between the accuracy and convenience of technology while still giving our patients the highly personalized dental care they deserve.

By implementing some of the best technologies, we make treatment easier, safer, and more accurate for our patients.

Some of the best technological advancements come in the area of diagnosis. By identifying conditions early, we can treat you quickly and help to prevent more extensive treatment needs in the future.

Digital Dental Radiography

Digital x-rays made many improvements in dentistry. Both safety and accuracy in diagnosis improved with the use of digital radiography.

Safety – Because all x-rays emit radiation, having dental x-rays were a concern for some people and some dental professionals. By investing in digital x-rays in our Longmont, CO dental office, we were able to reduce radiation by up to 80 percent. That means a safer experience for you and fewer concerns about radiation accumulation.

Accuracy – Digital x-rays, like digital photography, can be manipulated to increase contrast, zoom in, and focus closely on one small area. This allows us to be able to diagnose common dental conditions, such as decay, earlier than ever. Additionally, we can retain your images from year-to-year and do a quick comparison to see if your health changes over time.

Intraoral Camera

Have you ever wondered what your dentist sees when he looks into your mouth and examines your teeth? With an intraoral camera, you can find out. This small, handheld, USB camera allows us to show you exactly what we see. Whether it is a crack, chip, cavity, gum disease, or other condition, with an intraoral camera, we can show you digital images of the inside of your mouth so that you completely understand your condition before we begin treatment.

In spite of the technology we use, we still provide you with a highly personalized experience in our office. We hope that by using the latest technology, your experience is a positive one.

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