Every year, we find new ways to put technology to work, allowing us to better serve you and your teeth. Digitizing our dental office means a better, safer, and more comfortable experience for you and convenience, better diagnostics, and simplification of complex procedures for your Longmont dentist Dr. Bond.

Today we want to look at how technology has benefited specific procedures, making them more accessible and more comfortable for everyone involved. We’ll look at advances in root canal technology that have made the concept of a long, slow, painful root canal a thing of the past, and we will examine how surgical implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth.

Improved Root Canals for Better Results

Our office uses the Calamis 3D warm pack, a root canal technology that gives a more thorough and reliable root canal experience. The warm pack allows us to fill the empty canals left behind by a root canal with a soft, flexible rubber substance called gutta percha. The gutta percha melts when warmed using the Calamis warm pack. The melted gutta percha then conforms to the small imperfections and curves that all roots have.

We also utilize an apex locator, a tool that uses painless electrical current to determine the precise depth of the canal. This allows us to use the proper length of files and gutta percha to ensure there are no pockets left at the root tip. Unfilled spaces in the root can lead to subsequent re-infection, so this technology has vastly improved the long-term effectiveness of root canal therapy. It also helps prevent a root canal going too deep and causing “leaking” into the surrounding jaw.

The apex locator and warm pack technologies help us make each and every root canal as accurate as possible to give you a long-lasting cure for an abscessed tooth.

Surgical Dental Implants

Not too long ago, losing a tooth meant very few options. The tooth could be restored with a bridge, requiring removal of healthy tooth material on either side to anchor the bridge ends, or in the case of multiple missing teeth, a removable partial denture could be made. Thanks to dental science and technology advances, we now have a superior option: the dental implant.

Dental implants are as close as we can get to your natural teeth. By using biocompatible titanium implants that bond with your jawbone in a process known as osseointegration, a successful implant will give you a strong, permanent anchor for a wide range of tooth restorations.

Carefully crafted crowns and bridges can be attached to these implants, restoring your missing teeth seamlessly and giving you a beautiful, healthy smile. Surgical implants also help to strengthen and reinforce the jawbone, preventing the bone from reabsorbing over time, as can happen when a missing or extracted tooth is not replaced.

Using Science in Our Daily Lives

The scientific world is finding new ways to improve our lives nearly every day. Dr. Bond’s Longmont, CO dental office believes in staying current with these scientific discoveries to offer you the best dental care available. If you have any questions about how we use technology to improve your dental care, or wish to make an appointment, contact us today.

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