Hi-Tech Dentistry Does Not Mean Impersonal Care

We take technology seriously at our Longmont, CO dental office, but we also maintain the highest level of personalized patient care. When Dr. Ryan Bond decides to implement new technology, he carefully weighs the benefits it will provide to our patients. We strive to bring in the latest tried and true improvements that make treatment easier, more effective, and more efficient for our patients. We never use the latest dental technology in place of exceptional, personalized patient care.

Some of the technology we use to improve our patient care includes:

Digital x-rays – Digital radiography just makes sense for our patients. With up to 80% less radiation, it is the safest and most effective way to detect common dental conditions such as bone loss, decay, and infection. The images transfer almost immediately to our computer screens allowing Dr. Bond to diagnose and present treatment options faster than ever. Early diagnosis can save our patients time and money.

Laser dentistry – You might know that laser dentistry can make surgery easier, less painful, and decrease healing times, but did you know that it can also address everyday problems such as canker sores and tooth sensitivity? With laser treatment, we can decrease healing time for canker sores and reduce tooth sensitivity for up to one year! For many of our patients, that means more comfort and an improved quality of life.

Digital charts – We know that your identity is your most valuable asset and when it comes to protecting your private information, we take that responsibility seriously. By implementing a digital charting system, we eliminate the old paper charts that leave your information vulnerable. We can electronically submit your insurance claims, eliminating the need to send private information through the mail. Our system is secure and safe because we have a strong commitment to your privacy.

Intraoral camera – Involving our patients in their dental care has always been an important part of our dental practice. A small intraoral camera can help us show you what we see. This is another way we can personalize your care. That way, you can understand completely what we are looking at and the treatment we can recommend to restore the health and aesthetics of your smile.

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