Early Dental Care For Your Children

Many parents think that since children will lose their baby teeth that it isn’t important for them to see the dentist, but this isn’t the case. Your children should see the dentist for the first time around six months after their teeth come in, or at least by their third birthday. Starting them at the dentist at a young age will help them to develop good oral habits early and to trust the dentist.

Early Childhood Dental Visits

  1. Start them off healthy – Just because they will lose their baby teeth, doesn’t mean that they still can’t develop cavities and tooth decay. These problems should go away when they lose their teeth, but some issues may transfer over to their adult teeth as they grow in. Healthy teeth are also important for younger children as they learn to chew, speak, and develop good habits. Being comfortable with their smile will also teach them to have good self esteem.
  2. Learn what to avoid – Another surefire way for your child to develop early tooth decay is by letting them sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. Both have sugars that when left in the mouth mix with bacteria to create a tooth eroding acid. If your child loses their teeth too early it can cause speech impairments. A healthy diet is also important for the development of your child’s teeth.
  3. Develop good habits – If they start seeing the dentist at a young age it will mean that they will feel more comfortable around them as they get older and you wont have to force them to see the dentists. Starting them with teeth cleanings and check ups right away will also help them to develop good habits when it comes to their oral care. Their dentist will teach them the right way to brush and floss.
  4. Prevent future problems – Dentists can do x-rays and start preventative care early so they can grow into a beautiful smile. Generally, your dentist can find out through genetics and early check ups whether your child wild need braces or need other dental care. They can also help curb bad habits such as thumb sucking.

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At Bond Family & Implant Dentistry, we take the time to get to know your child’s needs and to make sure they feel comfortable. If you are in the Longmont, CO area and have been looking for a new family dentist or have more questions on early childhood dentistry, please contact our office today!

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